6 Tips To Keep Your American Standard AC Unit Running Efficiently This Summer

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When it comes to summers in Texas, your air conditioner is critical for maintaining a comfortable home. Ensuring your American Standard AC unit is running efficiently both extends the life of your air conditioning unit and helps reduce your energy bills. Fortunately, our pros have some tips to help you keep your unit running as smoothly as possible. However, if your unit is broken or experiencing issues, reach out to Allied Air Conditioning & Heating, and our team of professionals will get it back up and running in no time!

Add An American Standard Thermostat With Auto Change Over

One of the first things you can do to upgrade your system is to add an American Standard Thermostat with the auto changeover. An auto changeover thermostat will automatically switch from heating to cooling or the reverse (cooling to heating). This automatic system is ideal for keeping consistently comfortable conditions in your home all year.

Change Air Filters

Changing your air filters is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. When your air filter is clogged, it forces your AC unit to work harder to get airflow into your home. Your air filter should be changed monthly in an ideal scenario but definitely needs to be changed before the summer. Check out the American Standards line of air filters and indoor air quality products or give us a call to learn more.

Clean Your Drain Line

Your air conditioner not only cools your home but also removes humidity from the air in your house. Your AC unit collects the water and moves it through a drain outside of your home. The drain line can become clogged over time causing damage to your unit. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean the drain line by yourself. Simply pour a cup of chlorine down the drain followed by a gallon of water. 

Remove Debris 

Cleaning the debris off of the outside of your AC unit can make a big difference in its efficiency. Things like leaves, dirt, twigs, and pollen can clog your air conditioner and reduce its performance over time. The fans on your unit are only covered with metal grates that are open enough to allow debris to enter. Review your owner’s manual for instructions on how to remove debris or reach out to Allied Air Conditioning & Heating for a system cleaning and tune-up service. 

Tighten Belts 

On the inside of your AC unit, there are belts that run fans and various other parts within the system. Your belts can break down over time and cause your unit to freeze, which is expensive to fix. In order to prevent that from happening, it’s a good idea to check your belts to ensure they’re not worn down. If your belts are in poor condition, reach out to the HVAC experts at Allied Air Conditioning & Heating. 

Clean Air Ducts 

Having a professional clean your air ducts improves air quality in your home and helps improve the efficiency of your AC unit. The air ducts in your home collect tremendous amounts of dust over time – especially if you don’t regularly replace your air filters. When the debris is removed, your air conditioner will run better and you’ll experience a big improvement in air quality. 

Reach Out to Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Today 

Following the tips above can help to extend the life of your American Standard AC unit and even improve your air quality. However, over time, your unit will still experience issues that require an HVAC technician to repair. When that happens, reach out to the professionals you can depend on at Allied Air Conditioning & Heating. Our techs are licensed and certified in working with American Standard units. Contact us today for services in ConroeThe Woodlands, and surrounding areas.